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BrockTV.ca seeks to capture exciting events around campus  in order to project accurate representations of Brock University activities as they are happening. Live streamed events cover athletics, big news announcements, homecoming, and much more! Check out some of our livestream coverage by clicking here!


BTV seeks to cover athletic events from a wide range of sports on and off campus. BTV can live stream, create highlights, examine behind the scene coverage of the events, and explore the lives and perspectives of the athletes.


The BTV team is constantly exploring ongoing happenings on campus to keep the student body informed on relevant news stories. The coverage ranges from athletics, executive elections, controversial news, and much more which is developed weekly in order to maintain an informed student population.


A talented team of BrockTV.ca employees have expanded their broadcasting to original content. This allows the producers to cover a vast range of topical affairs, while reaching to a range of audience members. Original content explores topics such as food, style, dating and much more!


BrockTV.ca is your student-funded and student-staffed online video channel dedicated to providing students with news, sports, entertainment, culture and arts programming.

BrockTV.ca provides staff and volunteers with professional, skill-building and leadership opportunities in a welcoming, creative atmosphere.

BTV was founded in 2005 by a group of film and communications students who were looking to gain hands-on audio and video production experience.  With student funding (approximately $230,000/year) BTV now employs 12-14 students (per year) who produce year-round content for the Brock community. BTV also hosts the annual BTV Bash in Isaac’s; an afternoon of fun, food and entertainment! Overall BTV provides the student body with a variety of creative material through both innovative and informative content. For FAQ’s, click here

BrockTV.ca  – Your campus. Your media!



BrockTV is made up of a team of 13 dedicated students from all different educational backgrounds. To learn more about the individuals who are producing your campus media click here!

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Borrow a camera

  • Kit 1

A panasonic HMC-150 video camera, a Manfrotto tripod, batteries and a charger.


Kits 2 and 3

Panasonic HDC-TM900 camcorder, batteries, and a charger.




Both camera kits are able to shoot full HD (1080p) video and support external microphones for professional audio quality. They can be borrowed by any Brock University student from the main circulation desk. http://www.brocku.ca/library
Remember: lighting and audio are crucial. If possible, shoot outdoors or in a nice brightly lit area for the best picture quality. If your audio source is far away from the camera, consider using a long microphone cable and a microphone to get closer, or overdub audio later.

For Filmmakers

RenderThis Film Festival 2017

Festival: February 3, 2017 / Submission Deadline: January 17, 2017

Submission Fee: $5  (includes 2 tickets for Filmmaker and guest)

General Admission: $5 (Presale from BUSU Reception Desk or at the Door)

6 pm: Reception with Refreshments

7:30: Film Screenings (18 Films featured last year!)

Sean O’Sullivan Theatre ~ Brock University

The RenderThis Student Film Festival is an energizing event; filled with excitement, suspense, and celebration.  It is a night you won’t want to miss!

RenderThis takes place annually at Brock University.  In the MAIN COMPETITION Both Brock University and Niagara College students are invited to participate by submitting short 2-10 minute films of any genre.

Those selected as Audience Choice and Jury Award winners are rewarded with $$ monetary prizes ranging from $400 – $700 and Award Trophies.

Audience members also get the “Star Treatment” having the opportunity to pose for “red carpet” photos, win prizes and be crowned “Best Dressed!”

Filmmakers, don’t miss out!  Get into production and be ready to submit your film by the deadline: January 17, 2017!  Read on for details……


* * * New This Year:  BrockTV.ca proudly introduces A NEW CATEGORY for RenderThis.  This category invites participants to submit  30-90 second films.   The theme is:


Brock Students are invited to use their imaginations and produce films showing what Brock University means to them.  The winning Brock University Experience film will be awarded a monetary prize of $500!  This film will additionally be used by the University for promotional purposes.  Additional submissions may also be selected for use by the University to promote Brock.  This competition is open to current Brock University students; from any department of study on campus.  Brock University is generously sponsoring this category.

Click Here: For Detailed Information and how to Submit Films

The RenderThis Student Film Festival is brought to you by BrockTV.ca and is sponsored in part by Brock University

BrockTV Student Film Fund

Apply annually by the last day of February.

Each year, 5% of BrockTV.ca’s annual student-funded budget is set aside for theBrockTV Student Film Fund. This fund is designed to provide financial support to Brock University undergraduate students with an interest in filmmaking.  Students have the opportunity to develop their ideas in hopes of ultimately screening their work at Canadian and international festivals.  Generally, the BrockTV Student Film Fund supports several projects each year with budgets up to $4,000.

Have a project budgeted at over $1,000?  The deadline for application submissions is the last Friday in February, and after committee approval, projects may receive initial funding as early as May.

Is your project less than $1,000?  Submit your application, anytime, directly to the Executive Director of BrockTV.ca.

Questions about the application process may be directed to ed@brocktv.ca oradmin@brocktv.ca

Filmmaker Showcase Nights:  Stay tuned for special screening nights when BrockTV.ca will showcase the films funded through the BSFF over the past year.

Click to begin the Application process!

Click here for more information and to view BSFF trailer.

Get Involved

BTV Marketer

BTV Marketer

BTV marketer: individual dedicated to actively promoting BTV content throughout the school year. Responsibilties include having excellent communication skills, enjoying networking within the student body and promoting BTV content in a creative and appropriate manner. Click here to apply!

On-Screen Talent

On-Screen Talent

Become a star of a BrockTV original show! We’re looking for volunteers willing to act as both extras or reoccurring roles in upcoming shows for BTV 2015/2016. We are also seeking after individuals to act as the on-screen talent for various news coverage around campus! If you're interested in being involved in any of these positions click here to apply!

Sports Statistician

Sports Statistician

Responsibilities: Assisting on-air talent by tracking stats during game, highlighting interesting stat facts for reporter and commentators, and other miscellaneous duties on set. This position REQUIRES a HIGH level of sports knowledge and a thorough understanding of basketball, hockey, volleyball, lacrosse, and baseball. Click here to apply!

On-Air Talent

On-Air Talent

Positions available: Play-by-play commentary, colour commentary, sideline reporter. Responsibilities include meeting with director and other on-air talent approximately two hours before the game. Click here to apply!

Camera Operator

Camera Operator

Assist BrockTV staff with load in, set up, and teardown of tripods, cameras, and lighting. Operate cameras on site for live broadcasts and assist on set for various shows and original content. If you're interested in operating camera for sports you should be familiar with the rules and gameplay of at least two of the sports BrockTV covers (hockey, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse). Click here to apply!

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