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If you’re interested in volunteering with BrockTV please fill out the form below and attach your resume for us to review. Descriptions of the positions can be found below. Thanks!

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BTV marketer: individual dedicated to actively promoting BTV content throughout the school year. Responsibilties include having excellent communication skills, enjoying networking within the student body and  promoting BTV content in a creative and appropriate manner. Click here to apply!


Become a star of a BrockTV original show! We’re looking for volunteers willing to act as both extras or reoccurring roles in upcoming shows for BTV 2015/2016. We are also seeking after individuals to act as the on-screen talent for various news coverage around campus! If you’re interested in being involved in any of these positions click here to apply!


Responsibilities: Assisting on-air talent by tracking stats during game, highlighting interesting stat facts for reporter and commentators, and other miscellaneous duties on set. This position REQUIRES a HIGH level of sports knowledge and a thorough understanding of basketball, hockey, volleyball, lacrosse, and baseball. Click here to apply!


Positions available: Play-by-play commentary, colour commentary, sideline reporter. Responsibilities include meeting with director and other on-air talent approximately two hours before the game. Click here to apply!


Assist BrockTV staff with load in, set up, and teardown of tripods, cameras, and lighting. Operate cameras on site for live broadcasts and assist on set for various shows and original content. If you’re interested in operating camera for sports you should be familiar with the rules and gameplay of at least two of the sports BrockTV covers (hockey, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse).  Click here to apply!